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Cry Havoc is a card-driven, asymmetric, area control war game set in a brutal, science fiction setting.

Each player commands one of four unique factions with varying abilities and units and fights viciously to gather the most Crystals on the planet, which will more than offset the costs of the conflict.

To do this, players must customize their decks of cards, Build powerful Structures, and leverage their unique Skills to gain victory. The game includes 54 custom miniatures, a large format board, and over one hundred unique cards, all with stunning new artwork.

Goal Of The Game

The game is won by the player with the most Victory Points at the end of the game. The primary way to score Victory Points is by controlling Regions with Crystals during Rounds in which Scoring is enabled.

Constant Warfare

Victory Points are also scored for controlling territories, capturing Prisoners, killing enemy Units and using certain Tactics or Skills.

Great Artworks

Thibault Girard (cover art), Fernando Olmedo, Tomasz Larek, Grzegorz Bobrowski, Arturas Jelesinas, Yerbol “Eskrey” Bulentayev, Wadim Kashin, Florent Llamas, Huy Tran Viet, Dmitry Vishnevsky, Nikos Lefas, Mateusz Bielski, Fiodor Ananiev, Roman Polyakov, Łukasz Poduch, Aleksander Tutaj

Number of players: 2 - 4

Age of players: 10+

Game length: 60 – 120 min.

Authors: Grant Rodiek, Michał Oracz & Michał Walczak



Cry Havoc is played in 5 or fewer Rounds, with each Round being divided into 6 Phases which are completed in order.


The Events Phase consists of 3 steps: resolving events, updating initiative, and refreshing exhausted skills.

Draw Cards

Every player draws four cards from their personal Tactics deck. Then, any players with more than seven cards in their hand must place cards in their discard pile until they have seven in their hand.



This is the primary phase of every Round. Beginning with the first player on the Initiative track, players take one action after another, until every player has taken a total of three Actions.

Battle Resolution

A Battle takes place for each Region with a Battle token. During the Battle you will place battling units on battle objectives, play tactics cards, resolve battle objectives, place the surviving units back to the region or retreat them, if you lost.


First, players Score 1VP for every Prisoner they have. Then, in Initiative order, each player may lose 2 Victory Points per Prisoner they want to return to their Reserve that is currently being held by another player.



If Scoring was Enabled, the player who Enabled Scoring scores 1VP for every Region they Control. Then, every player scores 1 VP for every Crystal located in all of the Regions under their Control. That marks the end of the round.

The Dice Tower review

"Best game of the year...easily!"

- Tom Vasel

The Opinionated Gamers review

"The best battle games have a clever confrontation mechanic, and I love the one employed in Cry Havoc. The different objectives make for fascinating choices, especially for the attacker, and resolving battles is the best part of the game."

- Chris Wray

Tabletop Gaming review

"The most fun, compelling feature of the game is how it handles combat resolution. "

- Tabletop Gaming


Join the fight on the planet York. Crush your opponents, gather crystals and escape deadly Trogs. The battle awaits. Asymmetrical strategy sci-fi board game Cry Havoc can be yours today!